In searching through my family history, I find that there are many things that even my own parents and grandparents didn’t know about their ancestors.  This has proven to be both rewarding to discover, and educational in terms of historical and personal context.  I initially started off with the belief that my father was of purely Dutch descent, and my mother of Friesian descent, and quickly found that things were not quite as simple as that.   This knowledge only fuelled further investigations into my ancestral past, as well as that of my wife’s, which has led to interesting encounters and collaborations with other family members.

If you have found your way to this site, the chances are that you have a relative that I have posted here.  Please be aware that I am a hobby genealogist, not a professional one, so there may be errors in the information for which I take full responsibility.  If you have information to add, please contact me, as I would be interested in what you might have to share.